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ways of recovering from bad breakup

Ways to Recover From A Bad Breakup

Breakup hurts! No matter how long you were in the relationship or what was the reason behind this painful phase in it; breakup is always stressful. People find it difficult to say goodbye to a person whom they were deeply in love with.

Many of us have gone through this tough phase in life, and we know how it feels.

There is no doubt to say that a breakup can change your life entirely, but only you can decide whether you want a positive change or negative.

When the person whom you love to most step away from your life, you may feel that everything is over now. Many people even lose the desire to live, and they try to attempt suicide. We understand that heartbreak may cause unlimited pain to you, but it is still possible to set up a life full of happiness and peace again.

Many people feel totally lost after break up because they find themselves too dependent on their lost partner. Some of these even try to find a new relationship right after a breakup, but it is even not that easy. Well, the first most thing you need to understand is that you can have an independent life and that too full of happiness. First of all, start finding yourself, become stable and then think about other things in life.

How long will it take to start a relationship with another person?

There are two types of people, some lose their trust in others after a breakup, and they do not find themselves ready to get into a new relationship. Many others feel too insecure and alone after a breakup that they immediately want to find a new person in life who can help them to feel secure and loved.

But in actual, it is better to take a break for yourself after this painful incident. Instead of losing yourself in the darkness of breakup, try to nourish your inner-self and regain the confidence to live a life full of joy. If you try to find a new partner very soon, the chances are that you may try to search the same qualities as that of your ex. It may cause more pains and differences in your new relationship as well. So, it is better to take some time, at least six months or a year to recover from the heartbreak and then you can think of entering into a new relationship. You can find a new partner online by using some online dating platforms such as eHarmony, Match, EliteSingles.

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What should I do to forget my ex?

Well, it may appear almost impossible to forget your ex, but if you stay determined to live a healthy life again; it will be easier to find some trusted ways to heal and move on.

Here we have listed few trusted tips that you should follow to forget your ex:

  • Cut all the contacts:
  • Honestly, this is rule number 1 for the breakup. You should create a permanent distance from the person whom you are trying to forget and get involved in other things in life. Do not receive or make any call, not even the text messages, emails, or social media stocking. This trick may help you come out of the war of anxiety and stress you are facing inside.

  • Accept the situation:
  • We keep on fighting inside with lots of thoughts as long as we don’t accept the situation. Once you give it full acceptance, it will be easier to move on. If you keep on thinking about how it was, why it happened or whose mistake it was; all these questions may take away your peace of mind. Make sure you agree to the breakup and decide to step forward in life.

  • Release your feelings:
  • You might be having so many swings of emotions after the breakup; fighting with them all alone may be quite complicated. It is good to get surrounded by some positive people in life and share the storm of emotions with them. They may help you in the healing process. Whenever you feel some negative energy inside, talk to your friends, family, and mentors.

  • Switch to a mindful life:
  • With time, it is important to develop a mindful life so that your mind can feel calm and peaceful. Acknowledge all the ups and downs of life and set up a routine for connecting your mind and body. You can start yoga and meditation to declutter all the unnecessary thoughts and feelings out of your mind.

What should I do if my ex comes back again?

Once a relationship has been ended, there are still some chances that your ex may return at some stage in life. At this point, it may be very difficult for you to decide whether to go back to that relationship or not.

Well, the decision depends upon so many factors, including why you both lost that relationship and why he/she is now interested in coming back. Maybe they are still deeply in love with you, or they have realised the past mistakes. Or probably, there was some misunderstanding that took away all the love between you earlier. At this stage of life, you need to be honest with yourself and listen to your conscious. You should proceed with what is good for your emotional well-being and mental health.

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If you have experienced the tough phase of heartbreak recently in life and now want to move on to a new relationship, it is good to find a loyal partner for life. Well, you can check the best match on online dating websites such as or single match. These platforms may help you to start a new relationship with a whole new mindset. Many people also find online dating helpful to forget their ex and to set up a new healthy, and caring relationship.

Make sure you accept the past and stay motivated to live a healthy life ahead. Don’t make any decision that could take away your peace of mind. Be careful with your emotional well-being and set up a non-toxic relationship for a healthy life.


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