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how to perfect your first date

Tips to Perfect on Your First Date

First dates, except exciting, there are a few things you need to take into account to perfect your first date and leave a great impression. Based on my first meetings, here is my advice and experience. Though exciting, there are full of questions, such as what should I wear, what should we discuss, and where should we go...

What are the first date tips?

  • Leaving a good impression
  • The utmost thing leading to a perfect relationship is to leave a great impression on your first date, which will also give you one more chance to get to know each other better.

  • Be yourself.
  • If you intend to meet your potential partner again, you shouldn’t be portraying yourself because he will finally find out who you are, which would lead to immediate disappointment.

  • Things avoid discussing
  • I always try to keep our conversation light-hearted or telling some jokes to make both parties feel relaxed. However, I avoid talking serious topics such as religion, politics, or ex on the first date, as those topics are so easy to unknowing offend a person if you don’t understand him/her well.

    Try to make sure your conversation is balanced, you should avoid to talk too much about yourself and ask something too personal, especially “ex”, that would make him/her feel discomfort.

  • Avoid discuss negatives
  • Avoid discussing any negatives about your current situation. If you appear depressed or desperate, or you are looking like to grasp somebody helps you get through this situation, he/she certainly doesn’t want to see you again. Instead, it would be a great idea to display the best version of yourself and your positive attitude.

How to Wear

If he/she will know that you are concerned about making a good impression, and this is already a positive start. Knowing how to wear would be tricky, you’d better learn some dress code or dress up techniques from beauty bloggers. The key point just to make sure that you dressed appropriately for the occasion. For a businessman, he must be in a suit all day, but it seems too formal in the first date, a high-waisted pencil skirt but in a softer fabric would be better. I think it’s safe to make sure your dress clean and tidy.

Where to Go

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Are you still wondering where to go on a first date? Choosing the perfect place to play safe with dinner or drinks, or wherein start a romantic relationship. Don’t despair; no matter your date is sporty with a competitive streak or hopeless romantic, stuck for inspiration, here are some tips to suit your taste.

  • Bowling alley
  • Score a strike at a bowling alley would be perfect ideas to show off your skills and cultivate common interests, it would be a great idea to make a great impression.

  • Mini Golf
  • It’s a kind of relaxing game that gets better with age, but make sure your partner is interested in...

  • Ride the Rollercoasters
  • Put your first date on the a-theme park, scream when you ride the Rollercoaster, it was proved that people are more likely to fall in love with each other when they are in Rollercoaster...

  • Karaoke Bar
  • Good at singing? Karaoke bar would be at the top options if you are singing well, that would be a great chance to show off yourself, and get a great score.

Other First Date Techniques

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  • Tip 1: Determine your dating goals
  • Figure out what you want and set goals. When you choose to date online, you will find that hundreds of thousands of dating sites online, so which one is suitable for you? SingleMatch is right here to help you solve the first question. And then you should clear about what you want, serious relationship, one night stands, sugar dating or casual dating... this will lead you to the right place. Don't waste both parties’ time on a date if you finally realize that you don’t like her appearance, personality, or do not show any respect.

  • Tip 2: maintain a good image
  • Excepting your safety, you should also pay attention to table etiquette, such as chew with your mouth closed; keep your smartphone off the table and set to silent; don’t use your utensils like a shovel or stab your food; don’t pick your teeth at the table; remember to use your napkin; wait until you’re done chewing to sip...

  • Tip 3. Reduce the frequency of phone calls and text messages
  • Frequently get phone calls or stare at your smartphone or text messages, it would be considered to be rude or you’re not interested in this dating. However, if you are dealing with work issues, you’d better explain the reason timely. Only in this way can your partner see your sincerity and respect, then it’s possible to continue your next date.

  • Tip4.Avoid talking about EX
  • Avoid mentioning the sensitive topic “ex”. It would be easily breaking the great atmosphere for both men or women when they inform their “ex”. People will start to compare themselves with their predecessors. In addition, it’s not safe to involve in other’s personals, and he may be still feeling depressed in their ex-relationship. Then your first date may become embarrassed or end immediately.

  • Tip5. Don't be too flirtatious
  • Avoid too flirtatious including your manner and conversation. If you don’t want to make your partner feel that you are living a bizarre lifestyle, do not too flirtatious, it’s not funny.


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