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Dating with STD - Things You Should Know about Positive Singles

Most people would be quick to assume that if someone is suffering from an STD, his/her dating game would come to a halt; however, that is not how the reality works. Being diagnosed with an STD doesn't mean you cannot be in love or should necessarily stop having fun. For the uninitiated, more than 20% of the global population is subjected to STDs thus, making it immensely common. While it is true that some people might steer away from the thought of dating someone with STD but, that doesn’t imply you will have to give up your desires altogether. Moreover, in this digital age where people prefer finding love and meaningful relationships on online dating sites, you shouldn’t take a step back from indulging in some exuberance and excitement yourself. If you are trying to figure out how to find a date despite the reality that is holding you back to a certain extent, in the following segments, we will make an attempt to help you with it.

Overview- people living with STD/dating status

More than the disease itself, it is the stigma that surrounds it that has led people to deem that putting up with STD translates to not being able to date anyone or get involved in a physical relationship. Dating experts have time and again asserted that there are indeed some people who face rejection after disclosing the truth but, for some, the humiliation that has burdened the disease is far more distressing than the ailment itself. While physical intimacy is undeniably the strong glue that holds a relationship together but, it is not the ultimate.

In all these years, we have witnessed “n” number of relationships that have flourished on cordial grounds and have lasted for long, in spite of one of the partners suffering from STD. Online dating has to imply widened the options for anyone and everyone who is looking forward to getting to know new people and exploring relationships like never before and here, people with STDs are no exception. Additionally, society's acceptance of this disease has played an influential role in prompting people to be honest and upfront about their health status. Unlike the bygone days, more and more people in the present times have mustered the courage to admit that they are suffering from STD thereby, evading the prospect of risking somebody else's health and life too.

How to find like-minded people?

You can easily come across like-minded people on online STD dating sites like where you will not be judged for a disease that you have no control over and will have a wide selection of interesting personalities to find your match from. Such applications and sites have been specially curated for positive singles who have STDs so that they can keep themselves away from all forms of discrimination and negativity that are already waiting otherwise to engulf them. Also, these stands will allow you to keep your identity anonymous until you become comfortable with sharing it with the people you are interacting with. Everyone, irrespective of their sexual orientation, likes and dislikes, gender, religion, and race are welcome here and in times when inclusivity and acceptance are two of the most prioritized drives, these applications are embellishing them with justice.

How to make a relationship with like-minded people?

When you know you have found someone whose disposition mirrors a major chunk of your values and interests, half your job of building a healthy relationship is done there. Transparency is one virtue that we cannot emphasize enough in this case; when you get to know someone you connect with or establish a meaningful bond with, come clean about your malady and let the other person decide whether or not they would want to take this any further. If the person is capable of coming to terms with this verity then you can go ahead and make the rapport work.

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How should you tell your partner about your STD status?

It’s you to decide how you want to communicate the history of your STD to your partner; you can catch up and have a face-to-face conversation or you can message or video chat with him/her depending on your relationship. Prepare for the talk so that you feel safe and confident while putting your line of reasoning forward because confessing this is already a brave thing to do, and nothing should come in between that. There are some who wish to get the oil off their chest in the first date itself whereas the others like to take their time with it and reveal the condition after a few meetings. Do not keep postponing the profession until you are about to get intimate with your partner. Inform your partner about the STD you have including ways in which you can be sexually active yet, diminish the chances of infecting the other. If your partner asks you questions regarding the status, don't shy away from answering them because, in that way, the trust and reliability in the relationship are reinforced.

How to protect yourself when dating with STD?

The only way to protect yourself when dating with Herpes is keeping away from sex and confirming that the person you are dating doesn’t have any such disease. Look through the prospects you have in dating and always choose people who are like-minded and will not treat your ailment like an alien concept consequently, making you feel uncomfortable and guilty about it.

What should you expect from your partner?

It is true that not everyone you cross path with in your life will gleefully accept that you have STD and can continue dating but, a calm and thoughtful response can be expected of them. There's hardly any need to seek validation for the things that are not for you to regulate. Even if you get rejected by the person you thought you developed feelings for, there's no need to get disheartened. A lot of people out there will appreciate you for being upfront about the information and willingly lend out a hand for support.


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